The Future is… | brochure design

To mark our collaboration and diplomatic relations, we aim to bridge
the cultures and together, exchange best practices, from which both
countries can benefit. This is the starting point for the organistaion of cultural festvities in both the Netherlands and Kosovo. To support this proposal for the organisation of we designed this brochure to plot the concept.

DutchCulture is the network and knowledge organisation for international cultural cooperation. We support the Dutch cultural and creative sector, public authorities, and diplomatic posts in the pursuit of their international ambitions.

If you have international cultural ambitions, DutchCulture can help you gain a footing on the international stage. They give information, advice, and training on international cultural cooperation. Dutch Culture connects cultural and creative professionals, organisations, public authorities, and networks with each other and international partners in international cultural cooperation. They identify developments and investigate themes and domains relevant to successful collaboration and share knowledge and insights with the cultural and creative sectors.


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