Studioburo designed the visual identity for Laffa, a Middle Eastern street food haven in the Netherlands. The logo and distinctive pattern, blending vibrant colors, traditional spices, and geometric motifs, harmoniously unite Middle Eastern allure with Dutch aesthetics. The captivating design invites diners to relish a cultural fusion through culinary delights.

A laffa is originally an Iraqi flatbread, which is eaten in many Middle Eastern countries. Laffa’s are baked in a traditional tanoor oven, a Middle Eastern clay oven that has been used to bake a variety of pastries for centuries.

Studioburo shaped Laffa’s visual identity, extending their design finesse to package wrapping, menus, indoor/outdoor signage, and digital platforms. From the physical allure of packaging to the online presence via website and social media, their comprehensive design approach ensures a cohesive and engaging brand experience across diverse touchpoints.


  • Logo & identity
  • Website
  • Paper printwork, flyers, posters
  • Menu’s
  • Packaging