Freshway redefines meal subscriptions, elevating daily dining with its premium, locally sourced ingredients. The subscription website curates a diverse menu, offering convenient, personalized, and nutritious meals delivered to your doorstep. From vibrant salads to gourmet entrees, Freshway ensures a daily celebration of freshness and culinary excellence, transforming mealtime into a delectable experience.

StudioBuro is the creative force behind the identity and website design, showcases a distinctive and engaging brand presence,  from identity design, packaging, social media content and webdesign. The website is fully developed by StudioBuro subscription and payment functionality integrated in the webshop.

The website of Freshway existed from 2019 – 2023 and has recently been closed.


  • Logo & identity
  • Webdesign
  • Web Development
  • Paper printwork, folders and packaging