Burgerbar is the most accessible place where you can genuinely enjoy a quality burger. They don’t sell fast food, but satisfaction. Made fresh right in-store: from meat and veggies to the bread. For a more real juicy taste, without any hidden ingredients. So if you’re going to sin, sin smart at Burgerbar.

Burgerbar is one the most steady clients of StudioBuro and grown together with us, coming from a single restaurant in Amsterdam to a well known high-quality hamburger chain in Holland.

The identity of Burgerbar has made a transformation coming from a fastfood snackbar to a quality-burger restaurant. In our opinion the best burger in town, and this is how the place must look like. Together with the Burgerbar team we are always raising the bar for improving the design, from simple napkins to a wide spread advertisement campaign.


  • Logo & identity
  • Website
  • Paper printwork, menu’s, packaging