ASIS Europe 2017 – 2024 | identity design

ASIS Europe – From Risk to Resilience will take place on 20-22 March 2024 in Vienna, Austria. The event is focused on both physical and cyber security risks, and the role security plays in supporting business objectives. It is the region’s critical gathering for established and aspiring security leaders working in multi-national environments.

Since 2017, we’ve created the identity for ASIS Europe events, evolving the visual language annually. We rearranged and designed elements, reflecting structural aspects through dynamic shapes. The outcome is a robust, distinctive identity that continues to evolve.

From a dynamic website to captivating web banners, striking posters and a unified event identity – we meticulously design every element, ensuring a seamless and impactful brand experience for ASIS Europe.


  • Visual design
  • Logo & identity
  • Website